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Whitney and Hughes is a literary agency, otherwise known as a publishing agency. We represent writers and their written works to publishers and assist in the sale and deal negotiation of the same. We represent novelists and non-fiction writers. We are paid a fixed percentage of the proceeds of the sales we negotiate on behalf of our clients by their publishers, so our services are effectively supplied without direct cost to our authors.
Authors turn to us for several reasons. Quite a few well-known, powerful, and lucrative publishing houses do not accept unagented submissions. As a knowledgeable agent we know the market, and we can be a source of valuable career advice and guidance. Being a publishable author doesn't automatically make someone an expert on modern publishing contracts and practices. Many authors prefer to have an agent handle such matters. This also prevents the author's working relationship with his or her publisher from becoming strained by disputes about royalty statements or late cheques.
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